Brazil ~ Santos.
Grown in the high mountain Santos region of Brazil. This is simply the best of Brazil in a cup. Smooth and pleasing taste. Excellent to blend with other beans. Sweet and light-bodied. Good choice for a milder cup.

Colombian ~ Excelso. 
These large, high-grown beans make for a well rounded, full-bodied South American varietal. Heady, thick aroma, pleasant acidity, and a bright refreshing flavor. Truly a real classic.

Costa Rican ~ Tarrazu SHB.  
This high-grown SHB (strictly hard bean) provides a rich, hearty, lively cup. A very rich, complex body with a zesty aroma. Great to blend with other beans. Elegant, lively, flavor. A real delight to the senses.

Ethiopian ~ Harrar.
A very well-balanced coffee that has a taste of fruitiness with its rich wine-like qualities, a light body, brightly acidic, and a very pleasant aroma.

Guatemalan ~ Huehuetenango.
A rich, well-balanced coffee grown in the volcanic, high-mountain soil. Elegant, full-bodied with a spicy, smoky aroma. Lively characteristics make this one of the very best cups.

Kenyan ~ AA.
This coffee, grown in the highlands of East Africa, definitely ranks as one of the world's best. Pointed acidity, bright, hearty characteristics, delicious aroma, solid body. A marvelous taste sensation.

Mexican ~ Malinal. 
Mexico's finest. Light in body with a bright, satisfying flavor. Blends well with other coffee beans. Fragrant aroma and a dry-wine aftertaste. A great coffee in the morning.

Mexican ~ Terruno Nayarita. 
The dry climate produces one of the world's most exotic and wild coffees. An extremely heady aroma, with high acidity and full body. A complex wine like flavor with a wonderfully strong finish.

From the high mountains of Peru, this flowery medium bodied coffee offers a nice medium cup of coffee.

Sumatra ~ Lintong Superior
Grown on an island in the middle of Indonesia. This coffee produces low acidity, rich body, and some smooth earthy overtones.

Sumatra ~ Mandheling.
Definitely the cream of the crop of any Indonesian bean. A very pleasant rich flavor and one of the fullest-bodied coffees in the world. Sweet, earthy aroma, Rich, vibrant, complex. one of the best straight varietals.

Tanzanian Peaberry.
With a balanced acidity and a mild aroma this is one of the world's best coffee's a great smooth cup.

Vietnamese Arabica. 





Fav Coffee Annabelles Blend

Annabelle’s Blend
Our medium roast, this mysterious and unique blend offers several different types of our finest Arabica. Roasted to satisfy those who like a deeper, fuller taste.

Fav Coffee Annabelles Blend

Oyster Bay Espresso
Our Flagship blend of the finest beans from Indonesia, Africa, Central America, and South America. A wonderful, well balanced, smooth taste. Rich and vibrant, with a fragrant aroma and a smooth lingering finish. An outstanding espresso or drip coffee.

Fav Coffee Annabelles Blend

Oyster Bay Dark.
For those who like it darker. We have roaster this blend darker for a deeper, bolder taste.



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