Our brands division develops and markets revolutionary products like our signature line of Java White Coffee's and Hurricane Chocolate Powders.

Java White


Our premium Java White Coffee comes in 1#, 5# and 10# bags.

From the field to your cup, we only use the finest Arabica beans in our classic Java White premium white coffee. Our white coffee is lightly roasted, giving it a natural nutty flavor when brewed, which is remarkably different from the taste of an average cup of coffee. This taste is enhanced when the coffee is prepared with additional ingredients to create a gourmet drink further distinguishing it from its fully roasted cousins.

The more a coffee bean is roasted, the more the bean burns off caffeine. Thus, white coffee beans, being only slightly roasted, contain several times more caffeine than the fully roasted bean, making it ideal for those who desire an extra dose of caffeine in their coffee. Coffee brewed from white beans can also appeal to non-coffee drinkers, as its nutty taste may prove more palatable than the usual bitter brew.



Our Hurricane Chocolate Powder comes in 2.3# jars or 15# bulk boxes.

No sugar? No problem! With our Hurricane Sugar Free Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate mix, you get to savor the flavor of delicious Chocolate without the sugar.


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